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Welcome to Super Fit Land! Super Fit Land is a handy exercise app features over 100 workouts that require NO equipment, not to mention the ability to create 5 of your own workouts using a handy editor, and the ability to try out 5 brand new workouts each day (internet connection required). Choose from 6 fun, engaging, 8-bit themed trainers to talk you through your daily workouts, including Lars The Viking Bunny and Dave the Yeti.
Included in the app as well is the ability to track your progress, sync up with friends, and even collect points and badges too!
Not sure if you want to download yet? That’s fine! Try the App right here and see if its what you are looking for. You can use all of the App's functionality on our website.

Track Your Progress!
You don't need to give us money to track your workouts, keep it to buy cool workout clothes or neon shoes. Just sign up and you are instantly able to keep track of your last 30 days of working out in Super Fit Land! Keep working out every day to get your Streak up and earn fun Badges for staying committed to fitness. You can even add Pals and share your progress with friends, or see how others are doing. Are you more fit than everyone you know?
100 Workouts (and then some)!
Super Fit Land is loaded with over 100 Workouts to choose from. From Legs, Arms, Abs, Cardio, and Full Body, we've got you covered. Our workouts are also broken down into categories to challenge even the most fit of all of Super Fit Land. Have you done all 100 Workouts? Don't worry. Each day we offer 5 new workouts for you to try out, keeping things fresh and you on your toes. This isn't an "ab specific" App or an App for hardcore gym nuts: this is an App for everyone and can be whatever you need it to be. How? Well ... keep reading.
Create Your Own Workouts!
While our App comes complete with 100 Workouts we have designed for you to use, and while our App does offer 5 new workouts each day, you can always just create your own and do the workouts that best suit you. Use our built-in, handy-dandy, darg-and-drop tool to create a workout from over twenty different exercises. Focus on your abs, your arms, your legs, or whatever you desire. Plus you can even share workouts you create with other users. Trainers love to create workouts for their clients on our App and send them directly to each other's devices! How cool is that? Cool.
Keep Focused With Fun Trainers!
Not everyone can have a personal trainer living with them, or can they? Super Fit Land has 5 fun trainers who are ready to keep you in shape. These are not just voice commands done by robots; our trainers speak with enthusiasm, desire, and sometimes a bit of humor. They'll keep you pumped, motivated, and informed on your workout as you get all sweaty-like. Choose from tough guy Camacho, kick-boxer Alice, Viking Bunny Lars, a Yeti named Dave, and a talking Meatball Sandwich. Why do trainers always have to be humans (or boring robots)?
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